10 Must-Have Features For E-Commerce Website

Here are 10 features you should have for your e-commerce website to make it professional-looking.

Business Logo

When creating e-commerce website, you can take your business logo to use on website. Then display it on every page of your e-commerce site or online storefront. But don’t make it too big because it might distract the main message of your website.

Home Page

Home page is very important. It the place where you display information about you, your business, your products, etc.

FAQ Page

This is a place where you give more information about your company. You answer your visitors about the frequently asked questions. FAQ can save thousand of hours for customer support.

Contact Us Page

This is a place where you let your visitors contact you if they have a question or comment. You can do this by pasting simple HTML form on your website.

About Us Page

People will buy the product from the company or someone they know. About us page is very important to show who are you as well as company mission statement.

Term Of Use

When talking about business concept, Term Of Use is one of very important part of the site. Disclaimer, Copyright, Legal Term, Agreement are included.

Order Form

This is another simple HTML form. If you sell physical product, you need to put this form to collect customer’s physical address. If you sell digital product, you might not need it.

Newsletter Sign Up Form

This is another HTML form for taking customers’ name and email. After you build up your database, you can send out periodical mailings about your special offer or new products.

Mission Statement

If you have mission statement, displaying it on your website will make it look more professional. And it also instills trust with your customers.

Uniform Theme

To make your e-commerce website look professional, you need to keep the navigation buttons and colors consistent throughout all web pages.

If you add these components, your website will look the best possible for your e-commerce business. The HTML forms I mention above are important for your business and it is also easy to install.

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