Alleycode And Selida

Alleycode Review

Alleycode is a free HTML editor developed by Konae Technologies, Inc. More than HTML editor, the program also focuses on PHP and CSS interaction for professional and easy management of your projects. The program is available for Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP. The developer provides Alleycode for free. You can download and use at no cost. They do accept donations if you find it useful.

Highlight Features

  • Syntax Highlighting: customizable syntax highlighting for HTML, XML and PHP.
  • Multiple window display: you can open and or work on several pages at the same time.
  • Turf View and Synchro View.
  • Quick Edit: right click enabled HTML tags for fast wizard supported updates.
  • CSS wizard make styling a breeze.
  • Table wizard, Optimizer wizard, Properties wizard.
  • Preview in default browser or display with IE, Netscape or Opera.
  • Anchor wizard: link to other documents, email addresses or remote URLs.
  • Simple and functional PHP scripts to make your Web site interactive
  • Convert complete HTML document to upper or lower case HTML tags.
  • Convert all text or selected text to upper or lower case.

Selida Review

Selida is a free HTML editor by Amaryllis Software. The program is designed to help you make web pages. You can download and use Selida for free and no need to register it. This free HTML editor runs under Windows platform. It is a simple and easy to use program; you can view in four different views including Split, HTML, Preview and WYSIWYG.

Highlight Features

  • Four different views: Split, HTML, Preview and WYSIWYG
  • View up to four different browsers
  • Syntax Highlighter
  • Select and Edit tag
  • Tag designer
  • Estimated Download Timer
  • Global Search and replace
  • Full HTML Tidy integration
  • Compress Source
  • Document statistic
  • Complete HTML tag list
  • Error checker
  • Multifunctional clipboard
  • Document wizard
  • Site wizard
  • Word Wrap
  • ASP Objects/functions
  • Convert from RTF to HTML
  • Covert to plain text
  • Check Links or Link validate
  • Character Map
  • Convert to entities
  • Auto Complete Tag, Properties, Value

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