Trellian WebPage

Trellian WebPage is a free web design software package by Trellian. It is a freeware application, so you can download and use at no cost. The program provides essential web design solution. With Drag and drop interface you can drag elements including images rather than trying to edit the code. With color highlighted HTML Editor, you can easy edit source code of your web page. The software also includes built-in document spell checker which can help you in checking for spelling mistakes within the page.

Trellina WebPage also integrates easy image conversion and resampling tools which allow you to convert images to various formats. The split screen editor mode gives you ability to edit your source code and instantly see the changes to your page. Preview mode allows you to preview your page in various resolutions such as 640×480, 800×600 and 1024×786.

The program runs under Windows operating system including Windows 2000, XP and Vista. You can download it direct from its website. After installation, the software will require you to enter the serial number. The serial number is sent to your email address after registration.

Highlight Features

  • Four view modes: Editor, Source, Split and Preview.
  • View Page Statistics to see in more detail about the page including images, links, forms, scripts, applets, plugins, word count, character count, sentence count and total image size.
  • View document in source tree to see structure of the page.
  • Open and create multiple web pages in one Window.
  • Picture tools including transformation (rotation, flip, mirror, resample image), animate, restore, filter (blur, sharpen, emboss, edge detect, glowing edges, real time filters), modify color (grayscale, solarize, invert, gamma, balance, contrast and brightness), covert (gif, jpeg, png and bmp).
  • The program also include some SEO tools such as SEO toolkit, Ranking Advisor, Keyword Manager, Meta Tag Editor, Keyword Density Analyzer, Domain Manager, Competitive Intelligence and several more.
  • Table Tool box: Insert Cell, Column and Row, Delete Column and Row, Merge and Split Cell.
  • Form Tool Box provides various form elements including Field set, Submit button, Radio button, Check box, Text Field, Text Area, Password field, Drop down selection, List box selection, File upload field.
  • Object Tool Box allows you to add various objects to your page such as IFrame, Horizontal Rule, DIV element, Time/Date, Title tag, Meta tag, Comment, Script, Active X Control, Line Break and several more.
  • Other features such as grid lines, ruler, text align, find and replace, search, arranging elements and more.
  • Preview your site and see how it looks in web browser including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.

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