TypeFaster Typing Tutor And 21st Century Typing Reviews

TypeFaster Typing Tutor Review

TypeFaster Typing Tutor is a free typing software (open source project licensed under the GPL version 2) that will teach user how to touch-type. TypeFaster Typing Tutor was created by David le Roux. This software supports French, German, Portuguese, US-Dvorak, US-English, Hebrew, Numeric-keypad and more. It has accessible version for blind users and full Spanish version also. It comes with a 3d game and teacher class support.

TypeFaster Typing Tutor is available for Windows users only. User can download the software from this typing software website.

TypeFaster Typing Tutor Highlight Features:

  • Supports multiple keyboard layouts and more can be added easily: Danish, Finnish, French, French-Belgian, German, Hebrew (no lesson files), Italian, Norwegian, Numeric Keypad, Portuguese, Spanish, UK-English, US-Dvorak, and US-English.
  • Has clear indication of which fingers to use. This is the essence of touch typing.
  • Has one 3D typing game.
  • Has typing statistics and the option of practicing the least accurate/slowest/custom keys.
  • Keyboard is not a fixed size (resolution independent).
  • Supports multi-user.
  • Teacher Support – Lets teacher to view student statistics.
  • Comes with interface for editing lesson files and game settings.
  • Has Backspace support.
  • Supports also right to left text.
  • Supports variable text size.
  • Has lesson progress indicator.

21st Century Typing Review

21st Century Typing is a complete typing software program that comes with structured lessons, tests, practice sessions, and typing games. 21st Century Typing is a product of 21st Software Corp. It is designed for kids and adults to learn typing and improve typing skills.

21st Century Typing is available for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, Me, and XP. Trial version is not available to download from this typing software website.

21st Century Typing Highlight Features:

  • Corrects finger positioning displayed on computer screen.
  • For non beginners initial test determines skill level.
  • Has 14 lessons to introduce keys. These 14 lessons break down typing into easily learned segments.
  • Has 14 tests to check skill level at each lesson.
  • Has 14 practice sessions to reinforce particular skills.
  • Comes with a library of books to practice real-world samples.
  • Allows user to quickly and easily monitor their rate of progress, a feature which will reduces learning time.
  • If user makes a mistake they will hear a beep.
  • Rewards user with Certificates of completion when they pass each test.
  • Has two games to play to make typing fun.
  • Displays results as graphic reports of speed or accuracy by hand, finger, row, and key. This allows user to identify problem areas.

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