Typing Pal Review

Typing Pal is a simple and user-friendly typing software program for beginners and old hands alike. Typing Pal is a product of De Marque, Inc. The software will teach user to learn typing, improve typing skills with over one hundred typing lessons.

Typing Pal is available for Windows 98, ME, NT4 SP6a, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Trial Version is available to download from this typing software website. User has to sign up before they can download the demo version.

Typing Pal Highlight Features:

  • 15 short typing lessons will give user all of the fundamentals of typing.
  • Animated scenes will help user through the learning process.
  • Over one hundred typing lessons, typing practice texts and oral dictations to improve user’s typing technique.
  • User can select the typing test that fits their schedule, the amount of time they have available, and that best suits their needs and specific goals.
  • Typing Pal Inspector monitors and analyzes user’s performance when they are using other software (for word processing, e-mail, chatting, etc.), suggests adapted exercises based on their performance, gives them a report on their strengths and weaknesses, and recommends exercises to help them improve.
  • Has a typing test to determine user’s typing speed and accuracy
  • Comes with training methods designed by typing specialists
  • Has numerous oral dictations
  • Has Typing Exercises for the numerical keyboard
  • User can personalize improvement exercises
  • User can add their own texts to this typing software
  • Has detailed statistics to keep track of user’s progress
  • Comes with advice on ergonomics and sound working habits
  • Has challenging typing games that let users have fun as they learn

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