Typing Software Programs (Free & Pro Version)

Any Good Typing Software? Free? Paid? For Mac Users? Windows Users?

Are you a typist? Or are you a student? Are you looking for a good typing software program to help you learn how to type or improve your typing speed? Or you simply want to learn how to touch type? There are many typing software for Windows users, but few typing software are also available for Mac users (such as Mavis Beacon Teaches, Typing Instructor Platinum). This page will provide solution for users who are looking for a good typing software application. I am not only talking about paid version, but also about free typing software. You can find the right solution for yourself, your workers, or your kids, whether it is free or paid edition. I encourage you to read the following quick overview to get some ideas for choosing the right solution:

Highlight Features of Good Typing Software

There are many companies that offering typing software; from one to another package there are differences regarding to feature set and price. Here are some highlight features that you can found in good typing software program:

  • Has Virtual Keyboard to show how to put fingers.
  • Cover the whole keyboard – including special marks, numeric keypad – and help user to accelerate their typing speed.
  • Have many challenging typing games to make typing fun.
  • Supports multi-users and each user has their own profiles.
  • Comes progress tracking and detailed statistics for user to improve their performance based on their mistakes.
  • Supports many keyboard layouts, for example: English US, English UK, English International, US Dvorak, US Dvorak Right hand, US Dvorak Left hand, Belgian, Canadian Multilingual, Danish, Dutch, English British, Finnish, French, French Canadian, Swiss French, German, Swiss German, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Latin American, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish-F, Turkish-Q. Croatian, Hungarian, Arabic 101, Arabic 102.
  • User can customize their lessons plan or testing texts with importing text function.
  • Comes with clean user-interface.

Paid Edition

There are several amazing typing programs available on the market today including Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum, Typing Instructor Platinum, Typing Pal and more (see in the table below). The programs provide solution from beginner to professional typists. The price of the product ranges from less than twenty to nearly hundred dollars. Most of the programs are designed to make it easy to use even for kids.

You can learn how to put fingers right on the keyboard, learn to type the whole keyboard, special mark and numeric keys, learn to touch type and improve your typing speed as well as reduce typing mistake and by increasing your typing accuracy. Most programs design with simple interface and you can learn how to type in few seconds. In short, the software will teach you how to type, touch type and improve your typing skill.

Free Edition

There are few free typing software programs available on the internet today. These free editions come with good features, too. But there is some limits comparing to the professional version product. It is designed for personal users with the need of learning how to type. It has less games and less features. Let me provides you some highlight:

TypeFaster Typing Tutor is a free software (open source project licensed under the GPL version 2) that will teach user how to touch-type. This software supports French, German, Portuguese, US-Dvorak, US-English, Hebrew, Numeric-keypad and more. It has accessible version for blind users and full Spanish version also. It comes with a 3d game and teacher class support.

Rapid Typing Tutor helps user to improve their typing skills through a series of easy lessons, learn how to type properly without looking at the keyboard. It also makes keyboard training fun and entertaining.

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