TypingMaster Pro Review

TypingMaster Pro is a touch typing software which provides customized exercises and helpful feedback to guide user step by step to professional keyboarding. TypingMaster Pro is a product of TypingMaster, Inc. This software will double user’s typing speed, let user focus on their text and ideas, get rid of typos, improve ergonomics, save valuable work time, be confident with computers and much more.

TypingMaster Pro is available for Windows platform only. User can download free trial from this typing software website.

TypingMaster Pro Highlight Features:

  • Five Comprehensive Courses – Cover the whole keyboard – including special marks, numeric keypad – and help user to accelerate their typing speed.
  • Multi-Form Exercises – User will engage with the visual keyboard drills, timed texts, games and dynamic reviews.
  • Advanced Feedback and Tips – User will get instructive feedback on their progress and difficulties as well as personal learning tips.
  • Professional Typing Tests – Lets user test their typing speed with a professional timed tests and view their results with a detailed report.
  • Illustrated Statistics – User can view their progress with graphical long-term statistics.
  • Optimized Duration – The duration of each exercise is based on user’s progress in accuracy and speed.
  • Personal Accuracy Goal – User can set their personal accuracy goal level for the entire course.
  • Smart Review – The software will keep track of user’s problem keys and help user improve their skills with personalized review exercises.
  • TypingMaster Satellite – Analyzes user’s typing in other programs for tailored training and typing statistics.
  • Support for Multiple Users – Multiple users can easily improve with TypingMaster using the personal study profiles.
  • QuickPhrase Typing Tool – Store frequently used text snippets and paste them to any application with a few clicks.

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